Dj Cavallino

My music is influenced by my favorite DJs/Producers – Roger Sanchez, Joey Negro, Simon Dunmore, Louie Vega, Dimitri From Paris and Frankie Knuckles to name a few.
I have my own radio program (The House Party), on radio ARA Luxembourg, every Saturday from 8.30 to 10 pm.
For the past five years I spend my time between Luxembourg & Ibiza.
In April 2020, I composed my first track “No Regrets” produced in Ibiza by Pat the Cat, with vocals by Carly Marie.
Miami-based label, Aventura Deep, immediately loved my sound and released it.
Since then, I have already released 6 more tracks (Mystic Voices, Friendship, I Feel Free, Oriental Feelings, Amazing Summer & Sensual Strings), all under the same label, Aventura Deep.
In June 2023 release of my new track “Saxiness” as independent artist.
It doesn’t matter where you like to listen your music (Spotify, Amazon Music,
Deezer, etc.)…you’ll find dj Cavallino!